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Reviews for Vivian Darkbloom

"Cold War," if there were any justice in the music biz, would be on heavy rotation."

"[Rob Morris] writhes and twists in histrionic rock form in front of the sizable crowd, skipping octaves, bending pitches, casting vibrato - hell, he's producing sounds you didn't even know were sounds."

Abigail Jones, The Phoenix

"[Cold War]" could be the lyric of the year: It's morose. It's crushing. It's actually a little funny. To summarize: it's every disastrous interaction you've ever had with women."


"Vivian Darkbloom offers a subtly unique species of alternative rock, kitschy and catchy, but with staying power... dark-tinged alternative with absorbing lyrics and simple, powerful guitar riffs."

Christine Broomhead, CMJ

"I expected something interesting and out of the ordinary, and I definitely got that. But what I also got were some very nicely constructed and pretty-sounding indie pop tunes with thoughtful, intelligent lyrics."

Julie Stoller, The Boston Survival Guide

"Vivian Darkbloom is Boston's hot new band. They're young, creative, and really good."

Ryan's Smashing Life

"The hottest band in New England right now is Vivian Darkbloom"

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