CrowdSourced VD


What happens when you ask hundreds of people, from all over the world, to sing into their computer mics? Take a listen:

The sounds you are hearing did not come from a professional choir. We did not recruit musicians or singers for this project - it was open to anyone willing to try something new. We simply asked people to sing a couple notes into their computer, and we aggregated the results.


We also asked people to tell us about a time when they felt really connected to other people. We got some great responses:


Finally, we also crowdsourced some percussion. The claps below come from all over the world, and will be featured throughout the final composition.

Over 1000 tracks have been uploaded for this project so far. Contributions came from all over the world, spanning five continents and 37 different countries. All contributions were collected using our own WEB WIDGET. The tracks will be mixed into a new Vivian Darkbloom song, which will be released in the fall of 2011. Use the map below to see where each track was recorded.

What's up with this thing? What's this all about?

We are exploring new ways to crowdsource audio for professional musical recordings. Basically, we're trying out new ways for musicians and non-musicians to contribute to a musical project, on a really huge scale. But we're also doing this to for ourselves. We just think lots of people singing a minor key melody will sound really awesome and .... creepy.

We hope you enjoy contributing. If you're too shy to sing, no worries. You can add percussion, or you can just add a spoken word track. Either way, please share this link with your friends. The more people we get, the better this will sound.

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